The baby update 2…


Back in November 2016, I wrote a post called The Baby Update. In it, I related my history of finally coming around to be open to having a child and gave a recap about the miscarriage I had in March 2016 and how I took time to get better and then, by the time I wrote the post in November, I was ready to let things happen naturally as there would never be a good time. I talked about how I was ready for the next chapter in life and change and how I would now not actively try but also not actively prevent the possibility.

Guess am willing to let this stork visit!

Well, it turns out that I am now pregnant. I did two at home tests after missing my period and both were negative. I was a bit relieved as my dream job was on the table. However, I just knew something was not right so did another test a short while later. It came back positive and I had mixed emotions. I went to the doctor and it has been confirmed. I am pregnant. About 7 weeks in now.

I have been in a bit of shock over this and have not fully absorbed it. I have had no symptoms at all whatsoever (other than the missed period, of course) and have done an initial blood and urine test. I will be reviewing the results with my doctor soon but am a bit worried as I missed those first critical 28 days of folic acid and my blood test already indicated low iron or folate or B vitamins (not yet sure which). I have booked in for an ultrasound near the end of the month but other than that I have been doing a lot of internet searching! I have downloaded a few apps as well and they all have the same information.

I am happy and excited but laugh at the timing as my dream job is still on the table. This dream job is a foreign assignment so that may be difficult in itself but also I wonder about sharing this news with the new employer should I get the job and how soon. Of course I cannot be penalized in theory but am sure no new employer will be thrilled to hear such a thing and some even find ways to let people go during the probation period. The internet has mixed advice from others in similar situations. Some say women should not discuss the topic until a few months before needing medical accommodation and others say it is best to be upfront once an offer is made. I am not sure what I will do if I am successful in getting the job. I know I really want this job. I suppose the first step is to even be offered the job! So, will worry about what comes next then.

In the meantime, I am trying to take care of myself and am dying to tell everyone in my family but am not doing so quite yet….even though it is really really hard!!!! My husband and I have had some baby name ideas for some time already and am hoping for a girl but we will see! For now, I am just taking it one day at a time. Just had to share this exciting news!


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