March 2017: Goals, things to look forward to, and Feb review…


march_1600Wow-February was busy and all about work. All I did was work…or so it felt! Here is a review of February followed by my March things to look forward to and possible goals:

February Goals Review:

  1. Carried over cook something new from the previous month and did so! The southwestern pasta.
  2. Carried over work goals from Jan but was able to set some this month plus get organized at work. So far going well and been feeling motivated!
  3. Lose 4 lbs on my LOSE IT app- Done!
  4. Open a long term savings or investment fund- Done!
  5. Book in massages! Had a few in Feb and booked some for March too!

March Things to Look Forward To…

  • Better weather…I hope! After this tough winter with lots of snow I really want to see some sun. Plus, I can start getting the garden ready.
  • Concert and night in the city in a fancy hotel which is my husband’s bday gift from me. Hotel night was from my sister which was really nice.
  • Dream job update. I should find out if I am in or out this month. If in, yahoo! If out, then at least I can refocus on my current work and personal goals.
  • International Women’s Day on March 8th means a date night with the husband plus some fun at work.
  • Mom’s birthday!
  • Extra cash. This will be coming from my second job and a one time pay out of extra hours at work.
  • Financial progress. I expect this month to make a nice dent in my debt.

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