Dream job part two…


geeksmirage_dreamjob_3Earlier this month I wrote a post about my dream job being posted. I decided to throw my hat in the ring and send in my resume. After, I researched the heck out of the people who did that job in the past (thank you to internet stalking!), and realized they had way more experience and education than me. Plus I found a typo in my covering letter…or maybe it was my resume. So, I decided to just forget about it.

However, soon after the closing date they contacted me and I had been moved to the shortlist! I was shocked and oh so very happy. Then, last week I had to arrange for a time to complete an online test. There was no other information and I worked myself into a worry if it would be a test on logic or abstract reasoning or personality or whatever…it was horrible just thinking of what it could be and how I should answer. The time of the test came and I opened the email. Essay questions which I had to complete in two hours and email back.

I answered the first few questions well enough (or so I think) and was running out of time on the last one. However, I powered through it and did a quick edit and send back the response with a few minutes to spare. I received a reply that it had been received and that was that. Yesterday I re-read the questions and answers and think I did okay (not excellent but okay) and am now waiting to hear if I will make it to round 3. I am guessing that will be sometime Monday-Wednesday this week.

Am trying not to get my hopes up and focus on what else is going on in my life but it is a bit hard as the dream job is so close…yet so far! Everyone cross your fingers for me!


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