Love it: Texture!


texture-app-1Netflix and similar sites are great but for the last few weeks I have been loving TEXTURE! Texture is basically Netflix for magazines. My husband recently won a three month free subscription and I have been taking full advantage of it. In fact, once it runs out I think I will be paying the monthly fee and enjoying this service permanently.

I like reading magazines and had doubts that I would enjoy any online versions but it works really well on my iPad. There are a few annoying things and I would still prefer a paper copy but at least I know this is environmentally (and economically) friendly. The monthly charge would be the same as buying two magazines at the grocery store. You also get a year or more of back issues which is great. In the last while I have read all sorts of magazines that they have available from those that cover fitness and health, home and decor, world issues, and food and wine. If you want you can also download a bunch which would be great if you need to take a long airplane ride. Anyway, I just wanted to share how much I am loving this service. There is nothing like spending a few hours on a weekend perusing a few magazines with a cup of tea. Now, however, I do not have to buy them or get them from the library or try to find current or past issues. Technology-points for this one! 🙂


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