February 2017: Goals, things to look forward to, and January review…


Okay so this year, instead of my usual “things to look forward to” posts at the start of each month, I also decided to throw in some goals. It did not go so well in January but hopefully February will be better…although I am publishing this post mid-month so am already late! Let me start with my January review. Here were my goals

  1. Other than the special citizenship lunch, eat out once in the whole month unless it is a special invite or situation (for well being and to hit financial goals). Definitely did not happen but was not too bad either. 
  2. Learn to cook something new (am kinda inspired by the fab NYE dinner I had-want to be able to make at least one fabulous thing)Did not have time or energy! Carry over to another month! 
  3. Do not spend money unnecessarily (want to get rid of debt faster!). Yes did this and only spent when necessary. 
  4. Put all extra money towards debt repayment (which accumulated due to husband’s special gift and holidays). Yes I put all money toward my debts. 
  5. Start the coin jar again and open it at the end of March 2017. Started!
  6. Create some work specific goals sometime this month. Was too busy keeping my head above water with a heap of tasks thrown my way. Carry over to a quiet month?!
  7. Get back in the gym on a regular basis (3 times per week at least sounds good). So so so did not happen! 
  8. Eat healthier and continue with vitamins etc. Did not do this until the last week of Jan but did start on this one.
  9. Deep clean at least two rooms in the house this month. No time! 
  10. Schedule in things to ensure they happen…including the fun things. Yes, this did happen. 
  11. Each day this month list one thing for which to be grateful and do one productive thing per day. Was hard but I did it. Think writing it daily is too much though. 

feb2016February things to look forward to:

  • My husband turns 30 early this month! By the time I published this, his birthday is over. We went out to a nice dinner and I surprised him with concert tickets to one of our favourite artists (even though the concert is in March). 
  • A long weekend. Having a day off with no work piling up is always good!
  • Valentine’s Day. A reason for us to enjoy a night out together! See the early Valentines Day post. 
  • Work will be very busy this month. I will be wrapping up projects, finding out about new ones, writing proposals and reports….am guessing I will be doing many extra hours but I do not mind as long as I can have time off later.
  • As of January 30th I got back on the LOSE IT app and have a goal to lose 10lbs (my sister and I are going to try to do this together). Look forward to see how much I can lose by the end of Feb.
  • My second job will require me to work one day this month. By the time I am publishing this, I did the shift and had fun. 

February goals:

  • Learn to cook one new thing-carried over from last month and already accomplished with my Valentine’s day pasta. 
  • Lose 4 lbs this month by using the LOSE IT app.
  • Open and contribute to a savings/investment account for long term planning.
  • Get organized at work.
  • Book in some massages.

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