Bad luck, stress, and drama…


badluckbreakupAs the title of this post suggests, life has been a bit crazy in the last while! Today is the first day I feel I am escaping a wild two week ride and can breathe again. Of course, I just brought home and enjoyed a few slices of my favourite thin crust margherita pizza and a good bottle of pinot noir (Did I mention I have decided I will never buy “bad” wine again?! Will get into that another time) which has made everything tolerable. Here are some of the things I have been dealing with these last 12 days:

  • Major snow storms a few days in a row
  • Not getting paid the full amount this pay period due to a mistake made by the payroll department
  • Neighbours borrowing shovels and not returning them so our driveway was a mess and stores were sold out of shovels
  • Lost wedding ring…but found 2 days later
  • Stressful argument with my sister
  • Thinking I damaged my mom’s car while getting it unstuck from a snow bank, then getting it towed to the mechanic, paying for a check over, and then it turns out it was fine all along but had an existing problem that my mother has been ignoring
  • Work closed a few days due to horrible arctic weather but needed to work from home anyway due to urgent deadlines…this was challenging due to bad conference calls, unorganized bosses, and incompetent others
  • Helping my husband obtain a line of credit and needing to locate all the correct paperwork followed by endless delays (bank staff went on a medical leave and the replacement person only works part time….so still waiting)
  • Cabin fever at times due to all the heavy snow…
  • Going to friend’s open bar party and getting room-spinning absolutely wasted off three double vodkas (I have lost the tolerance I built up!)…Thankfully, I left before I made a total fool of myself or drunkenly talked too much (ha ha ha)…but also realized I am old when I started worrying about how bad I would feel the next day and began to drink heaps of water at 3:00 am (so much for the live-in-the-now footloose and fancy-free days as now I worry about consequences like an adult does! Yikes!)
  • Renovation of our bathroom (still not finished) but making a big mess including construction dust everywhere which I cleaned a few times but it still feels present…
  • Weekend trip to pick up wine from some semi-local vineyards cancelled due to bad weather and highway closures.
  • Brother lashing out at me while angry about something else…which ended up really upsetting me
  • Unexpectedly not having running water in the whole house for 24 hours due to the bathroom renovation (so had to go to my sister in law’s house for a shower that night and then drove home in an ice storm…which was white knuckle scary at times!)
  • Hearing totally disturbing gossip about a cousin that makes me question my faith in humanity.
  • Drove my sister to the train one day so she could get to work and then, when picking her up, my car battery dying and having to ask a taxi driver to give me a jump start.

Yes, it has been a wild ride these last two weeks. But, the good news is that today the sun came out, the snow melted off the streets, I had a shift at my second job selling gorgeous Valentine’s Day flowers and catching up with a co-worker, I went shopping and actually found a few great outfits, and I just polished off half a bottle of Kim Crawford Pinot Noir 2014 (which was yummy) and two slices of my favourite pizza. If nothing else, at this very moment, all is well and I feel absolutely content which, in my opinion, is the definition of happiness. 🙂


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