Dream job…


geeksmirage_dreamjob_3So…my dream job has become available recently. It is not a dream job in the sense that it is a total wild and crazy job like becoming famous actress or billionaire businesswoman or the president of Russia or some such thing…but a dream job within the realm of the work I already do. It is a significant jump upwards…but still possible. I first became aware of this job a few years ago when the last person left it and it was posted. I was not in a position to go for it or get it. Now things are a bit different and it has become open again.

It was posted as open last week and will close next week. I have applied with my best resume possible…but then after I sent it I noticed I forgot a “s” to pluralize one word (shoot!). I hope they overlook or do not notice as they may just skim through a cover letter! Then, tonight, like an obsessed person, I researched those who have done this job in the past and realize I probably have NO CHANCE in getting this job as the type of people who have filled it in the past have far higher education than I do and way more experience. So, now am feeling a bit deflated as I probably will not even make the shortlist. But, at least, I polished up my resume.

Whatever happens, I have to remember I love my life and job now as well and need to enjoy and appreciate what I do have…not just dream about possibilities elsewhere…plus I need to remember and appreciate all the other exciting things that will be coming up this year. It sure can be hard though when something is just so close yet so far! đŸ™‚ Oh well!


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