January 16th-31st 2017: Gratitude and Productivity


gratitude-happiness-2Earlier this month I decided I would take some time to note down something I was grateful for each day and do something productive. This is the second half of my gratitude and productive post this month (I did not want it to be super long so divided it up). I was challenging myself to be more productive and grateful and did take time to reflect on or do something each day but, after trying this out for a month, I think it is a bit too demanding to do it daily so maybe will change to weekly. Anyway, here is my update for the rest of this month at least:

  • Jan 16-grateful I can have some fun at work; productive activity was that it was Monday and I booked in all my meetings for the week
  • Jan 17-grateful for pinot noir (no need to explain!); got a hair cut and dye which was long overdue
  • Jan  18-grateful my husband has citizenship status here now; productive activity was going to the jeweler and getting husband’s ring sized (it was too small)
  • Jan 19-grateful for spare car keys as I locked my keys in the car!; productive activity was working from home so as not to fall behind
  • Jan 20-grateful for fresh flower gifts; productive activity was a spontaneous dinner with a friend to catch up
  • Jan 21-grateful for a proper night of sleep after several bad ones; productive activity was catching up on writing
  • Jan 22-grateful for Cadbury milk chocolate with skim milk; productive activity was updating insurance on my second car
  • Jan 23-grateful for my second part time job bringing some lightness, perspective, and cheer to my life; mailed my husband’s passport application
  • Jan 24-grateful for delicious smelling candles; productive activity was ordering in dinner and catching up on work instead of cooking
  • Jan 25-grateful for great coworkers who make everything seem okay when it is overwhelming; productive activity was buying the husband’s bday gift online
  • Jan 26-grateful for Netflix; productive activity was attending an interesting training session for work
  • Jan 27-grateful for the soap solution in the car for the windshield…available at the flick of a button; productive activity signing up for direct deposit at the second job
  • Jan 28-grateful for parties marking milestones (in this case in my friend’s life); productive activity was meeting with a financial advisor for my husband
  • Jan 29-grateful for Advil after great parties the night before; cleaned under the bed and flipped the mattress (goodbye dust bunnies…hello comfortable mattress!)
  • Jan 30-grateful for flexible work schedules; scheduled in dentist appointments for us
  • Jan 31-grateful for email (do not need to physically pick documents up anymore); productive activity was sending financial documents to our banker.

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