I remember…The Great Rift Valley…


I only started this blog a few years ago. Before that, I used to keep a journal but, due to some events that took place a few years back, no longer have those. However, there were some really great and interesting moments that happened then. I do not want to re-write all that, of course, but sometimes find myself reflecting on certain moments and what they meant. I may share a few of these thoughts on this blog under an “I Remember…” category. Here is what I was thinking of earlier today:

In November 2008 I was in Kenya. Obama has just won the election for the first time and Kenyans were very happy as he had some Kenyan roots. There were parties and celebrations everywhere-Americans were most welcome everywhere just then and people eagerly asked my friend and I if were were Americans everywhere we went! But, despite all that madness, I remember a special moment in the countryside. We had pulled over on the side of the road after hours of delays and driving and got out of the vehicle to stretch. It was a day that was a mix of cloud and sun and felt full of promise. I walked over to a rickety fence someone had built along the road to keep anyone from sliding down the cliff. Spread out below was the Great Rift Valley. Here was part of the place astronauts say is the earth’s most significant detail visible from space. Here was where some of the oldest fossils from human ancestors were found. Here I was. I remember feeling myself respond to this spot as I looked out all the beauty that lay before me. It was a moment when I felt very much part of this planet in a way I cannot describe. I can recall several places where viewing and pondering nature and time has really moved me. May there be many more such moments.



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