January 1-15th 2017: Gratitude and Productivity…


gratitude-happiness-2This month I am challenging myself. I wanted, each day, to do one productive thing (sometimes it may just be a normal thing but something I made an effort to do and not put off) and to find one thing to be grateful for each day. Although I am publishing this post mid-month, I have been working on it daily. Here is what the first half of my month looked like:

  • Jan 1-Grateful for my bed. After coming back from our NYE excursion, it felt great to sleep in my own now luxurious bed with the new duvet and cover. Productive activity-taking down the Christmas tree (which is something everyone hates doing once back to work!).
  • Jan 2-Grateful for a warm safe home! We had a heap of snow and I was outside clearing it from the car while the cold wind blew. Within moments I was freezing. Productive activities-organizing my closet, donating clothing that is no longer needed, cleaning and polishing the outside of the stainless steel fridge with the special steel cleaning wipes, and cleaning one set of blinds in the kitchen.
  • Jan 3-Grateful for tweezers-they can make all kinds of things much easier. Productive activity-knowing my husband was going on a long work trip so buying supplies for him to make fresh sandwiches on the road (rather than pre-made ones that will get soggy) plus lots of snacks so he does not have to eat out.
  • Jan 4-Grateful for wonderful coworkers (today was my first day back at work). People really make or break a workplace. Productive activity-handing in my vacation request for certain days the next two months so I can complete certain upcoming activities, scheduling in all required meetings for Q1, preparing and packing lunch for tomorrow so I do not eat out.
  • Jan 5-Grateful for having a great imagination and using it to write fiction to entertain myself and exercise my brain. Productive activity-getting the garbage ready to take out so I do not have to scramble in the morning.
  • Jan 6-Grateful for car seat warmers, 4 wheel drive, and new tires that make driving in the snow easier. Productive-stayed a bit late at work to make my to do list for the next week.
  • Jan 7-Grateful for being me and not having some of the crazy issues my sister has (could so easily have been me!). Productive activity-helped husband with his work since he had a bit of an injury.
  • Jan 8-Grateful for my bffs especially the one whose bday it is. Productive activity-washed the throws for the sofa finally!
  • Jan 9-Grateful for cough medicine and sick days. Productive activity-returned library books that will be overdue soon.
  • Jan 10-Grateful for being able to speak up at meetings and being heard. I have gained more confidence over the years. Productive activity-started mapping out professional goals.
  • Jan 11-Grateful for spontaneous coffee meetings with the husband during the workday. Productive activity-send my husband on errands when he finished work early to save us time and energy later.
  • Jan 12-Grateful for lunches with friends and wonderful conversations sharing dreams. Productive activity-booked meetings with relevant staff to collect information to get soon to be due reports in and payed all upcoming bills so there is no scramble the day they are due.
  • Jan 13-Grateful for some time alone to relax. Productive activity-had some last minute work due on Monday which I got over with from home after work and emailed off so I did not have to worry about it on the weekend.
  • Jan 14-Grateful for boozy lunches! Totally enjoyed lunch out today with my sister. Productive activity-returned library books, bought new wiper blades for the car since mine seem to be deteriorating, and went to the doctor to see why my cough is lasting so long.
  • Jan 15-Grateful for being able to stream tv online. Need I say any more to explain this? Productive activity was getting my car windshield (which had a crack in it) changed finally.

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