Happy New Year 2017…and January Goals and Things to Look Forward to…


jan2016Happy New Year!!! This year is going to be great…even if I have to force it to be great! Last year was pretty awful and I do not want a repeat. In writing my last post I also learned what I enjoy so plan to schedule in those types of things for myself. I have also decided I need to push myself to accomplish things if I want to happen…or they will not. One way to do so is by not only having a passive things to look forward to post at the start of each month but also setting up some monthly goals for myself. Here is what I think my January will look like:

Things to look forward to:

  • New year, new start! Setting up monthly plans or goals is something I am excited about…large or small.
  • Out of holiday mode… I have had enough of winter holiday mode after 12 days off in a row and look forward to going back to work and being productive.
  • Flower shop shifts. I have 3 shifts at my second job this month which is nice after having so few the last few months. Plus, the extra cash will help me hit my financial goals.
  • Husband’s citizenship ceremony! We just got the letter a few days ago and my husband is finally approved for citizenship. Am looking forward to the big day and fancy lunch I am planning afterwards.
  • After Christmas I picked up a fancy gold ring that my husband really liked (unfortunately only slightly on sale) that I plan to present to my husband as a gift after his citizenship ceremony. Look forward to seeing how he will react to this surprise.

January goals:

  1. Other than the special citizenship lunch, eat out once in the whole month unless it is a special invite or situation (for well being and to hit financial goals).
  2. Learn to cook something new (am kinda inspired by the fab NYE dinner I had-want to be able to make at least one fabulous thing).
  3. Do not spend money unnecessarily (want to get rid of debt faster!).
  4. Put all extra money towards debt repayment (which accumulated due to husband’s special gift and holidays).
  5. Start the coin jar again and open it at the end of March 2017.
  6. Create some work specific goals sometime this month.
  7. Get back in the gym on a regular basis (3 times per week at least sounds good).
  8. Eat healthier and continue with vitamins etc.
  9. Deep clean at least two rooms in the house this month.
  10. Schedule in things to ensure they happen…including the fun things.
  11. Each day this month list one thing for which to be grateful and do one productive thing per day.

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