2016 Recap…


2016 was a tough year! Not really a good one but maybe one in which there was a lot of growth whether I liked it or not (or at least that is what I am going to say). I wanted to take some time to reflect on the year so I can hopefully learn from it all.

Sunday wine & cheese

This impromptu wine and cheese night was much needed in February. 

January 2016-This month really sucked. My doggy obtained a strange large lump on her back very suddenly early in the month. Turned out to be a fatal cancer we found out later in the month. Work was all chaos and low morale. Husband was gone for work for 3 weeks out of the four-and was super irritable. Renovations were taking place in our flat so we had to live in a smaller area. Had to coordinate all kinds of household logistics that no one else would. Stress! Sister had moved in due to her buying a place that was still under construction and we quickly realized she had a drinking problem. We had a huge blow out in which I totally lost it which was difficult. Good news was that I connected with a couple friends and enjoyed that at least.

February 2016-This month was much better. My sweet dog was still in good spirits and the new medicine she now had was helping her with any pain. My sister stopped drinking for 6 weeks after our huge fight gave her a wake up call-so that was good in the end. Husband had a nice birthday which I organized and got a new job which ensured he would not be away from home as often. Also good! Valentines Day was only okay as we had to deal with someone who had just had a break up but we also hosted some guests from my husband’s country which was nice-and had a wine and cheese night which we really needed! There was a also a long weekend in which we went for a walk along the beach.

Cold March lake! Luckily the hot spring waters do not come from here but some mountain springs that are piped directly into the resort.

A short getaway in March for my mom’s birthday was nice.

March 2016-Another nightmare month! I started seedlings but there were up and down in terms of success with some of them dying. My sister started drinking again and was full on which was disturbing and disappointing. My doggy’s lump was growing and she seemed okay…but I worried constantly. Got a nasty flu. Had an awful miscarriage but did not realize it within this month and it went on and on. We did take a short weekend getaway for my mom’s birthday though which was pretty nice as we got to enjoy some hot springs.

April 2016-Another bad month but there were at least some good moments. Realized I was having a miscarriage and had to go to the hospital twice. The first time they told me it would pass and sent me home and then after scary amounts of blood loss for another week I went again and had to have a surgery-which was my first one ever. Had to miss a lot of work to recover and then had a lot of stress in catching up. All month I fretted about my dog and when it would be her time. Then the day came that I knew. There was a lot of tears and sadness that still get to me. My mom had a knee surgery as well this month so there was a bit of helping her out. The good bits were that we finally cleared up our tax debt when we did our taxes (the last two years we owed money) and I made an effort to spend a day doing wine tasting and visiting a tulip festival with one of my best friends.

A snapshot from the wonderful tulip festival. A great way to brighten your mood!

A snapshot from the wonderful tulip festival. A great way to brighten your mood!


June is BERRY time!

May 2016-A much better month! I obtained my part time occasional job at the flower shop this month which was a nice change and a way to make some extra cash (plus it was fun-especially selling flowers to folks on Mother’s Day!). Husband got all settled in at his new job and we paid off his credit card after working on it for two months together which inspired us to reduce all our credit card debt together.

June 2016-A decent month but not much going on. A lot of work, garden was making progress, bunch of birthdays (including mine which was low key and fun), and lots of strawberries from my uncle’s farm.

Some of my onions! So proud of these guys.

Summer garden progress was a highlight for me!

July 2016-Probably my favourite month of the year. Lots of good times with the husband including visiting national hertiage sites, enjoying the garden and good weather, and lazing about. My sister and her family came to visit which was good and bad (some awkward moments but great to see the kids). A few flower shop shifts. Good progress in the veggie garden and we started chipping away at my $25k debt!

August 2016-Not a bad month. Debt started decreasing which was great and very motivating but we lived a quiet life trying not to spend too much. Sister and her family left (which we were happy about by then as she caused a lot of problems by then…thankfully not so much with me). Bit of panic at the summer seeming to end so suddenly in the last week of August.

View from one of the vineyards!

October trip to the wine region was just what I needed!

September  2016-A good start to the month for sure! I was hit by inspiration after seeing a scene of a James Bond movie that got me excited about things. Progress on all fronts except two of my sisters were having issues and projecting on me which was annoying and stressful. Did enjoy my friends though! Had a bridal shower and cousin’s wedding to attend to plus lots going on at work. Husband’s citizenship application mailed off.

Christmas Tree 2016...

Christmas Tree 2016…

October 2016-Another favourite month despite a brief slump. Started off with a vacation to the wine region. Some family drama due to overseas sister but was not directly involved which was nice. Debt reduction progress felt great. Great lunches with friends. A fun Diwali and Halloween ended the month off just right!

November 2016-A boring but okay month. Lots of indoor time and cold started outside. Felt a bit unmotivated at work but a few days off mid-month helped. US election was interesting. Blood test finally showed issues left over from the miscarriage in April were going away. Debt end in sight!


NYE! Glad to see 2017 come in

December 2016-An okay month. Snow! Lots of celebrations going on at work but also a lot of last minute work. Husband’ final citizenship test done and got news he is approved to swear the oath in January! Days off here and there and a solid 12 days at the end of the year off. Christmas was pretty good and drama free. End of year trip to celebrate New Year was much needed and fun!

Overall, this past year there were some pretty bad months and a few months I really enjoyed. In writing this, I can go back and see exactly what I enjoyed and what brought joy to my life. These I hope to make more time for in 2017. The bad things were unavoidable but going through them makes me realize I can handle them. This last year, it was also great to see some of the accomplishments we made by working together such as husband’s citizenship approved for January (which involved a lot of steps), paying off his debt back in May, and paying off most of mine by the end of the year. For 2017 I think I want to practice more gratitude so I appreciate the things I have but also set more goals. I want this next year to be the best of years. But, for now, this post is all about saying goodbye to 2016. And there it is… goodbye 2016.


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