Christmas 2016…all done!


xmas2015greetingsChristmas came and went so very fast this year! It was a surprisingly decent one as well with no family dramas and no feelings of misery (or at least not much! ha ha). On Christmas Eve, although all my shopping was done, I picked up some extra gifts for my husband (this year we decided not to give each other gifts but I could not resist buying him a new belt which he needed very badly plus a cologne he really admired).

That night we went to my aunt’s Christmas party. One of my cousin’s brought their new puppy so I really enjoyed playing with him. I even wanted to stay longer though I usually just want to be seen for an hour or so and then run. Back at home I spent some time reading and then at midnight my immediate family all gathered to open gifts.

Everyone liked the gifts we got them…the lists helped 🙂 and I was pleased to get some nice things as well. One of the big ones was a new duvet. For the last few years we have had an awful one. I was planning on buying one on Boxing Day if no one gifted it to us but instead picked up a nice duvet cover (not on sale, unfortunately, but a big improvement!). Sleeping has been much more luxurious since then. I now need to track down matching pillow covers.

On Christmas we all slept in and then started cooking in the afternoon. We had family come over and everyone enjoyed a delicious meal. We arranged it for quite early so, after clean up, near ten pm we headed out to the local cinema where a lot of people were catching a movie. We watched some silly Christmas movie and then came home and went to bed tired.

Since then, other than picking up the duvet cover and purchasing new tires for my husband’s truck on Boxing Day, I have spent most of my time reading novels and hanging about the house. It snowed once and I got some exercise shoveling the drive. I caught up on silly reality tv shows while my husband went to work the last two days.

Tomorrow, I am happy to report, we are off on a little holiday to ring in the new year (I am starting to get a bit of cabin fever in this always strange time between Christmas and the new year). All in all, it was a pretty good holiday. Usually there is some misery and depression about the house (not always necessarily me but family members or others) but this year it was not so bad. Next year, though, since we have had several Christmases at home, I think it may be time to celebrate somewhere new.


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