Winter holidays 2016…

Just some winter humour...our recent snowfall is all but gone already.

Just some winter humour…our recent snowfall is all but gone already.

It is official and I am off work until January 4th 2017! This means I have 12 whole days off to do whatever I wish! I do not have any exciting plans but am definitely looking forward to relaxing and winding down. I see wine, novels, and movies in my near future.

Last weekend I managed to do all the Christmas shopping in one day. Just about everyone provided a list so it was pretty easy to take care of. The tree went up a few weeks ago and all the parties and lunches and friend visits and card exchanges have more or less already happened. It has been a fun and busy time.

I cannot believe tomorrow is already Christmas Eve. It seems to have come upon us so quickly this year for some reason. Tomorrow we will all go to my aunt’s annual Christmas party and then come home to open gifts. Christmas Day we will host a dinner of our own. This year I do plan on doing some Boxing Day shopping (which I usually avoid). Then I have a few days off (my husband may choose to work mid-week next week) and then we are off on our New Year’s getaway via car and ferry boat. Before we know it, this year will be done.


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