How to lose your faith in humanity…


Hobbes actually did live til 91! Was he on the right track regarding his thoughts about the nature of man? Hard to tell after reading people’s thoughts online!

Philosophers have questioned the nature of man since…well, not sure, but a long time. I like to think people are good. I find most people are…or so it seems. My husband, who is from a different ethnic background than me, has reported back to me all kinds of racist or discriminatory comments towards “my people” that he was shocked by (and that the people that were making the comments to him had no idea he was in a cross-cultural marriage or perhaps would not have made them!). When I lived in his country, “westerners” would constantly make inappropriate or racist or discriminatory comments about “his people” to me (also not knowing we were in a relationship).

All these people, it seemed to us, would not dare make such comments to the people they were directed at but once they felt they were speaking to someone from their own “group” (in this case could mean race or part of the world etc etc), they let out all sorts of shocking opinions. This is not really all that surprising, of course, but it was interesting as quite a few people did surprise us with their thoughts. I guess you never really know how people think as many are not comfortable sharing such things…in person. Anyway, this past US election is another case of surprise for me. It surprised me as as I never thought American voters would vote, in such numbers anyway, for Trump considering all he has said and done (and my impression of most of the Americans I know)…but I guess you never really know where people stand on issues. Of course, the whole election could have all been rigged by the Russians and the results are not real at all. šŸ™‚

John Locke seemed to be on the right track overall regarding humans…or was he?

Anyway, the reason I wanted to write this post is because I read a lot of news online and it can be very disturbing. I used to read actual newspapers a long time ago (when the internet was still a new and sometimes slow thing!). Newspapers were sometimes disturbing as the world can be full or horrors but the online news is much more horrifying and depressing due to the comments sections that follow stories. I try not to read them anymore as they are full of awfulness (and often stupidity which can be very scary). Sometimes there are wonderful discussions and opinions and sometimes, amongst all the nasty comments, there are knights in shining armour that are full of logic and facts BUT most of the time a read through of comments can make you lose your faith in humanity and think the world is full of hate and horror. It makes me also wonder about the neighbours, or the girl at work, or what the hell voters will respond to in the next election. I am still going to read the news, of course, but probably not the comments sections any time soon as the amount of nonsense and type of nonsense has really been disturbing me lately.

It is no wonder some news organizations have disabled their comments sections…and other people just choose to watch cat videos on Facebook all day! Rant is now complete šŸ™‚


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