Loving and hating my job…


lovehatejobThe last few weeks I have been loving and hating my job. At times there is too much work, too much stress, not enough this, and not enough that. Sometimes I get strange feedback from my boss and once in a while co-workers act strangely. Things never change or change too slowly…or for the worse! The culture has problematic elements, there are heaps of crazy HR issues, employee morale swings up and down drastically, there is never enough money, and funders won’t cover what clients really need but fund other ridiculous things. Sometimes I wonder if there is any point at all in the existence of the company!

But there are also times when my co-workers are charming and sweet and incredibly talented. There are times when grant applications are approved and the clients truly benefit and their lives change. There is a steady flow of change and excitement and autonomy. There are times when I think I have an exciting job with lots of potential for the future.

love-hate-streetThese last few weeks I have felt moments of resentment towards my job and also joy. I will only be working a few more days this calendar year and then I am off for the year but I just wanted to take some time to reflect on my work and set some goals for myself. I have been with the company four years now and want to move my work to the next level. I will be setting some specific goals related to the work soon that are easier to set as they are concrete things. However, in terms of myself as a leader, there are some areas I think I need to develop and improve that I need to explore in more depth. I will think about the details over my winter break but, generally, here they are in the following realms:

  1. Dig a bit deeper into my work and make strategic plans for the areas I cover.
  2. Communicate more professionally and filter my thoughts better before speaking…there is a lot here to think of.
  3. Present a more professional image.
  4. Use time more effectively.
  5. Maximize employee skill sets.

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