Snow day!


cartoon-snow-shovel-boy-122710I woke up to snow today! Lots of snow (well, not really, but lots for our area of the world and enough to cause traffic chaos!). So, I decided to take a snow day as our office policy allows this-and because I do not live in the same city I work in, it is not even worth making the drive to work due to how long it will take with all the nervous drivers!

Anyway, I started the day by going back to bed and lounging about. Then I shoveled the sidewalk clear as this is required by our city (my husband went to work or I would have made him do it). I also shoveled half the driveway as it was kind of fun (and something that only needs to be done once every few years). I stopped when the wind picked up and my ears felt way too cold. Plus, it is still snowing so will probably have to do it again sometime today or tomorrow.

Now, I am watching old episodes of The Office on Netflix as I could use a few laughs. I plan to spend the rest of the day reading, hanging out, and watching the snow that is now coming down much more heavily. An occasional snow day is one of the few perks of winter! Gotta enjoy it.


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