Things going on at home (December 2016)…

Christmas Tree 2016...

Christmas Tree 2016…

Our Christmas tree is up! Last year I put it up myself as no one else was interested but this year I had quite a few helpers which was nice. Most of my family will be home for the holidays this year which is also a nice change. I will have a lot of shopping to do in the next few weeks (not good for the budget but what can you do?). I also have to send out my own Christmas list or there will be a lot of candles, socks, and soap coming my way (ha ha ha) which I think should be banned unless you barely know the person you are giving a gift to!

Anyway, earlier this week we did a bit of shopping and there was a giant sale at a local jewelry store. My sister has really wanted some diamond earrings for the last year or two and the sale was extra good due to the store closing down so my husband and I paid for part of the earrings as her Christmas gift. One down. My work has a Secret Santa gift exchange is coming up this week with a limit of $10. It is very difficult to buy anything decent for $10 but I found two nice wine glasses that were on sale that may be nice for New Year’s Eve toasting so I picked those up. Another one down.

In the last while my husband and I have been having quite a bit of fun. We went to the movies and saw Arrival, went out for dinner a few times, watched a bunch of bad Christmas movies on Netflix, went out for dessert and coffee at a fancy cafe, did some shopping, and have been studying for his citizenship test. Part of the reason for all this fun is that he took a week off work and we had the time to have fun. Usually he works such long days that we do not do much once we get home from work. It has been a nice change of pace.

For New Year’s Eve, some of my siblings are headed off to Las Vegas and we considered going with them but decided not to as they wanted to stay way too long and as we have been there a few times now (including once on NYE). Instead, we may go to Victoria, BC, for a few romantic days in the super quaint city. My husband has never had the opportunity to go there and it is relatively near by so seemed like a good choice. I already booked reservations at a fantastic Italian place for NYE as well as massages for earlier in the day-little things to enhance the day. I learned from last year that you have to book everything early for NYE or you will end up with nothing going on. Still need to settle on a hotel. We can also enjoy the fireworks at the harbour…even though they will be going off at 9pm rather than midnight (I guess they want to fall in line with when the New Year officially hits Canada in the capital city which has a different time zone). No matter what, I am looking forward to this little getaway as I have not been to Victoria in years.

Other than that, arctic air has descended upon us and we had our first snowfall of the year the other day. It was beautiful but caused traffic havoc. Now it feels very cold out so I made a trip to the library today and stocked up on novels. I plan to do a lot of reading and tea drinking in the next while as I have taken off every Monday and Friday for the next two weeks plus I am off work from December 23rd to January 4th. Will be great to relax as I will have to hit the ground running at work in January…but no need to think about that yet!


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