My soft spot for Russian pop…

An image from the music video for Я революция

An image from the music video for Я революция…a woman destroys her wedding dress while walking on train tracks….a man shows up and they fight…and then make up… DRAMA!

This week I got a strange text message from my husband. All it said was Laboda. I wrote back, “What?” and he replied “Я революция” and I replied, “What?” as I cannot read Cyrillic. He wrote, “I am the revolution,” and told me to search it on YouTube with the word Laboda. Once I got a chance I did and it turned out to be a Russian song from a Ukrainian artist that I have been searching for…for 5 years! It made me so happy to hear it again.

When I lived in the former USSR I only got 3 channels as I preferred to stream American and British shows online rather than paying for a satellite dish. One of these 3 channels was MTV Ukraine (or Russia perhaps? I can’t remember now!) and this song would come on often as I put on the tv for company while cooking as the internet was often dodgy. I liked it but did not pay attention to the artist’s name or song name.

When I moved back to North America I felt nostalgic for some of those Russian songs and my husband made me a CD but could not remember this song. So, for the past 5 years I have been looking for it every once in a while but had no such luck (it is difficult to navigate the Russian internet world in English!). Then, somehow, my husband remembered some of the words and was able to find it very easily. Now, for the last few days, I have been singing it at the top of my lungs in the car wherever I go and loving every second of it.

I have to admit…I have a secret soft spot for Russian pop. I could listen to it all day! Anyway, just wanted to highlight this as I was just telling my (often depressed and miserable sister) that you have to learn to appreciate and find happiness in the little things! For me, finding this song is one of those little things!


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