The rest of 2016…


2016 is almost done. It has not been the best year and I am looking forward to it wrapping up and being over and done with. 17 is one of my favourite numbers so I have high hopes for 2017. But no need to worry about that quite yet since it is only November 20th. The rest of this year I only have 18 work days as I have several vacation days booked and our office will be closed over the winter holidays (which is great and necessary!).

I am expecting to coast through the rest of the year. At work I will have a few important things to take care of in November but after that it should be quite light. At home we plan to get the Christmas tree up towards the end of the month. This year, I am happy to say, all my family will be in town for the holidays (except the one sister and her family who live abroad but also who everyone dislikes right now due to some things she did in October). This will make the holidays much more pleasant. It also means I will have a lot of shopping to do in early December!

I had my blood test done and finally my iron is falling in the relatively normal range. It is still on the low end but at least it is not alarming anymore. Am hoping by the end of this year I will be at a medium level. I have also met with a nutritionist/dietitian twice and the information she provided was very interesting. I have applied some of her recommendations to my life and it has been great so far.

Am hoping the rest of the year wraps up pleasant and quiet so exciting things can happen next year.


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