My wine weekend…

It was October so there were still some grapes on the vines...

It was October so there were still some grapes on the vines…

At the start of last month we enjoyed a short weekend getaway to a local wine region. I have been meaning to write about it for some time but never got around to it so thought I better do so now.

Well, I have to say…there is something wonderful about visiting a wine region and checking out all the local vineyards. I just love it. I could spend all day dropping in from one vineyard to the next and seeing what each has to offer while also enjoying the design and architecture of each place and making chit chat with the other visitors. Bringing along some good company is also great. Next time, I think I will make it a girl`s weekend trip as it allows for some good quality conversation time.

View from one of the vineyards!

View from one of the vineyards!

Anyway, we drove up through beautiful country to get to our wine region. It was an area I had never been to before so I enjoyed the drive. The country is stunning in autumn. We checked into our hotel and were able to visit a few places on day one before they closed for the evening. Then we had a nice dinner out and went for a drive up the mountain. Below were all the lights of the town. On day two, after breakfast, there was some property I wanted to look at investing in (once our debt is paid off) so we met with an agent. It was interesting but I decided against moving forward for now and we carried on and had lunch (after also visiting some of the local produce stands).

The glass of cabernet franc I had at lunch at one of the fancy vineyard restaurants. Yum!

The glass of cabernet franc I had at lunch at one of the fancy vineyard restaurants. Yum!

We spent most of day two checking out more vineyards and tasting more wine. My husband and I bought a bottle or two from each of the places we liked and restocked our wine bar. Of course, that was 6 weeks ago and since then have drank most of them! I guess another trip will be in order soon!

I do not consider myself any kind of wine expert but I know what I like. Wine tasting is the perfect way to really narrow down what a person prefers and each time I learn something new. Usually, I tend to drink white wine but during this trip I definitely enjoyed more of the reds. I discovered I really liked, in particular, pinot noir and cabernet franc. The pinot noir I liked the most was at the very first vineyard we went to and is $40 per bottle at the store (which is way too much for just one bottle for my budget!) but at the vineyard it was only $30 so I definitely picked it up. At home, it was just as delicious so next time will stock up on more. Better to have a quality bottle I enjoy than a random bottle since I do not drink all that much.

Our little getaway was about 6 weeks ago and the weather was amazing and warm which only added to the fun. I think early autumn is the best time to visit the vineyards, personally. Now it is a bit cold and grey outside but it is easy to forget when I look back at the photos from the trip. Definitely was a fun local getaway and great way to escape the stresses of every day life.


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