sad-title-image_tcm7-179953I have fallen into a bit of a slump. It started sometime about two weeks ago and, though there have been some ups and downs, the feeling overall is down. I am not sure why I am feeling this way but I know it will pass soon and that it is not that serious as it does not last all day every day but comes in slow waves which retreat. I am still going to work and functioning but feel a weariness at times. I think it is time to look at my current lifestyle and goals for the future. This is always a good thing and there is no time like the present.

I have also been at my job almost 4 years now and know that there is some growth at my current organization but not a lot. So, I have been doing some research about what is out in the market should I want to try another type of work and it is not very ideal-unless I want to make a large change. This is something I have been thinking about this last while. What kind of work do I want to do? How can I get there? What else do I want for my life? This last one is a big one. Last December I had a month off and in that time came to a lot of realizations that life is about more than work (work has been a big factor in my life for a long time). I am starting to lose those realizations as I slip back into regular habits. So, my challenge will be to do a lot of thinking over the weekend and see where I am next week. Will check in!


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