October 11th 2016-A random day off…


keep-calm-and-have-a-day-off-3I have been writing about the joy of having a random day off work for some time. Today is one of those days! I had booked this day off some time in August with no plans to do anything special. Here is how my day played out.

I woke up late and took care of a few errands about the house such as laundry and some basic tidying up. I finally got around to changing the light bulb in the boiler room and turned on our heating system for the first time since spring (starting to get a bit cold at night!). A friend sent me a text message asking if I was free for lunch. I was! It was also a gorgeous sunny autumn day and I enjoyed driving around and noticing all the autumn leaf colours.

I met my friend at a pasta place and I had a glass of pinot noir, salad, bread, and a pasta with tomato sauce. We lingered around for 3 hours chatting and had a cappuccino and split a slice of pumpkin spice cheesecake to wrap up our meal. She packed up all the leftovers for home (definitely no need for her to cook dinner tonight!). It was a great time to catch up as she is about to head out on a trip to Central America (which we will talk about next time I am sure) and the last few weeks we have both experienced family issues, have been working on a few similar goals, and are trying to decide our next life steps. Nothing like a good long chat with a friend!

After, I told her about one of my favourite local stores where we headed next. I bought a nice pink knitted sweater that will be perfect with the cooler weather coming and some socks for my husband (he keeps losing them which I find strange). My friend found great deals at this store and a few items left over from the summer which were cheap and perfect for her upcoming trip so she was very happy. I then said goodbye to her and headed back home where I picked up some ink for our printer (which is constantly running out-argh!) and some groceries for dinner tonight as well as some products my husband can take on his work-trips so he does not eat as much unhealthy food on the road.

I came home, checked my email (my friend let me know she is online shopping at the website of the store I took her to…I think I have created a monster!), and am now writing this post. I plan to soon put together dinner since my husband is due home, have a shower, and then do some reading before going to bed. I did not think of work all day and am definitely feeling refreshed and ready to go back tomorrow. It was a perfect random day off!


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