October 2016: Things to look forward to…


octoberOctober is one of my favourite months of the year. I look forward to enjoying it every year and always have a lot to look forward to. Am a bit late in writing this post but have already had a great month so far. Here is what has or will be going on:

  • Mini-vacation-My husband and I booked a mini vacation starting Oct 1st.
  • More debt reduction-we are looking forward to seeing how much more debt we can pay off this month.
  • Feeling good from going to the gym. Am hoping this continues.
  • Change in weather (still nice til Nov), beautiful autumn colours, and harvest season.
  • Canadian Thanksgiving and long weekend! We are planning a special dinner.
  • Special events at work this month are always fun.
  • Diwali-Indian festival of lights that my family and I celebrate.
  • Halloween-one of my favourite holidays of the year.
  • Wrapping up the garden for the year.
  • Random days off work-I have at least two booked off so far.
  • Best friend’s birthday (who is going on a trip that week so look forward to hearing all about it!).

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