Where did the time go…


I have not written in a few weeks as I have been bombarded with all kinds of things. First of all, I have been going to the gym on a regular basis and it has been pretty wonderful. I leave feeling so so so great! Been drinking protein afterwards, been watching what I eat, and taking vitamins and iron pills on the regular and have been feeling amazing.

Work has been busy this month as expected but I managed to keep a nice balance and have taken advantage of being allowed a flexible schedule. I also took a random day off here and there or left early a few times. I also did a few shifts at my occasional flower shop job which was nice as it was busy! Chatting with the ladies that work there is always fun.

My cousin got married a few weekends ago which was a great chance to reconnect with family members and have a nice day out. I had a girls night at home (wine and cheesecake included!) with one of my close friends and last weekend we also took a mini-vacation which I will write about in another post.

My family troubles, which I wrote about last week, are still on going but feel more manageable now-thank goodness!

That is my update for now!


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