Family stress…


siblings-fightI am overwhelmed by family issues tonight. It is Sunday night and I am hoping the return of the work week will also mean that my family members return to their senses! One of my sisters (the one I have been having difficulties with the past while) has moved overseas so has not been a problem. In fact, after her last visit I have been making an effort to email her and rebuild our relationship. She seems to finally understand what she was doing wrong and is taking responsibility for it. (Of course this was only after a few other people were upset with her but whatever works!).

The other two are both a mess. One recently has broken up with her boyfriend and has basically fallen apart. For a month I was patient and kind and supportive. Earlier this year, I confronted her about her drinking (see post) and she improved for a time. Now, she is back at it and I am very frustrated with her. The other one lashed out at me this weekend for something small and I quickly realized it had little to do with me and more to do with other issues in her life. I tried to be there for her and work through it but she decided to attack me some more instead so I had to back off for now but I am really worried about her. Sigh.

I consulted with my overseas sister about these two and neither of us know what to do about either of them. The first one is going to visit the overseas sister soon and I am hoping a trip away for a few weeks will help. The other just had two close friendships come to an end (in a bad way) and is feeling upset as my recently engaged brother and his fiancée have set a wedding date (she is now 36, single, and feels she will remain so). On top of all this, my parents have been having some difficulties as well and both have been trying to put me in the middle. Horrible.

All these people are adults and should really be responsible for themselves. Of course, I want to support them but it seems that no one wants to take control of their lives and turn things around. It has been a very stressful and draining weekend! I also have my own problems and am busy enough trying to deal with them! Families are great and wonderful but they sure can be a nightmare at times too! Am hoping things will settle down soon.


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