Gal pals…


friendsThe last few days I have had several of my female friends reach out to me. Some by phone, some by email, some on whatsapp etc… it is very strange how there was a sudden flood of wanting to connect (which, strangely enough, my horoscope said there would be!). So, I have been doing so and it has been wonderful. There is nothing better than catching up with other women-especially those that you have a wonderful connection with.

In my case I do not always get to meet with my friends on a regular basis. Life is busy and they are busy. Sometimes there are distances (even continents) between us but it really is special when you feel you can just meet or call and pick up where you left off at any time because you have that special kind of genuine friendship.

I was really touched and pleased this past week to see the special role I played in the lives of these women as well. Some truly wanted my opinion or advice in difficult situations they were facing and others wanted motivation or inspiration and some just wanted to share. All said I left them better than before. I loved this week and spending time with them and giving them updates about what I am up to as well.

In the last few years, I have had to really focus on other things in my life and our relationships have changed as people have gotten married, had kids, become single, changed jobs, etc etc. This week has made me realize I need to make more time for these special relationships.


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