September 2016: Things to look forward to…


september-month-owlsOops…the first week of September is basically over and I never got around to writing this post! Better late than never as September feels like more of the start of a new year, as I have mentioned in the past, than January does. This particular September, I have a lot to look forward to…especially since I wrote my last post and plan to accomplish a lot.

  • I started the month by having about a week off of work. I used it to laze about, enjoy the last of summer (since it seems like autumn has come early this year due to all the cloudy days we have been having in my area), and be useless for the last time in a long time (probably December!).
  • Joining the gym! The release of all those endorphins are going to make me feel great. Plus, since we are on a budget these days as we pay down our debt, the gym can provide a new source of entertainment for us (am dragging my husband in on weekends at the least). Also look forward to improving my aerobic abilities and strength.
  • Protein, vitamins, and nutrition. Am hoping I will look and feel better as I focus on these in my daily life.
  • Following through with my badass plan (see last post-looking forward to starting and implementing changes)
  • Work will be very busy with many exciting things going on. Will try to have a good work-life balance.
  • Debt reduction. Am looking forward to the next update. Would be great to get our debt down to $15,000 this month. We do have some extra expenses this month that came up but my husband may also be making more and I will get paid 3 times instead of the usual 2 so it may be alright.
  • Flower shop! I have been given a few shifts at the flower shop this month. Look forward to hanging out there but also the extra cash.
  • Finally, I want to take advantage of any great opportunities that come up this month…whatever they may be.

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