Inspired by James Bond…


The other night my brother had a little get together at his house. While everyone was busy chatting I took my glass of malbec or whatever it was over to the sofa to sit down a moment. The tv was on and the movie on at that moment was the James Bond film Casino Royale. Not the one from 1967 but the 2006 one starring Daniel Craig and Eva Green. The super attractive couple were making out on a beach somewhere in Italy. My uncle interrupted me and I had to step away. However, in those few moments on that crystal clear tv screen, I found inspiration-inspiration to be badass!

No, I was not just drunk and carried away with a passing thought of being just like James Bond! I really thought about it and to me, badass is the right word for what I wanted-to me, it means a lot of things but particularly it means being the best self I can be. For now, I am going to use the rest of this year to focus on getting badass ready for 2017. Will have to think in more detail about where to start and what I want to accomplish but here are a few things that come to mind immediately:

  1. Financial badass- am already on the way with this one. In order to be a badass I need to follow these steps: first step is to get out of debt (ongoing), next is emergency fund, and last is saving for our own home or investing.
  2. Strength-am pretty sure in any fight I would get my ass kicked! Ha ha ha. Of course, I am not looking for fights but I do think it is important to be fit. So, I am joining the gym (tomorrow!) and am sure by January 1, 2017 I will feel much more like a badass in this department. Even some light weight training makes a huge difference and is so very good for you.
  3. General fitness-I do not want to fall behind anyone on any hike, walk, or bike trip! Am going to do cardio at above-mentioned gym and be in good shape. I do not want to be the one huffing and puffing up any flights of stairs.
  4. Just need to think of this when I stray off track!

    Just need to think of this when I stray off track or need motivation!

    With all the above health plans I will need to improve my nutrition. First of all, as a vegetarian, I am sure I am not getting enough protein. This will become more important if I am going to going the gym so will need to invest in this. Next, I will continue to take my daily prenatal multivitamin despite no plans to get pregnant quite yet. Taking them will ensure my body has what it needs for now as it has all that is in a regular multivitamin but also for when the time comes that I do want to create a family (one doctor said you should start taking them a year in advance!). I also mentioned a few posts ago that my iron levels were still low due to my medical incident in April. So, will be sure to keep taking iron supplements until I am up to the normal range. Since I am so horribly low, my hair has even started falling out so will need to look into some biotin and B vitamins for that. Finally, I am going to consult a nutritionist for more help-especially since it is covered through my work healthcare plan.

  5. Anti-frump! Okay, so I can definitely be a bit on the frumpy side. I was raised on a farm, had a very practical and logical upbringing, and can find it hard to waste time to be polished in the looks department but I do not want to end up on one of those shows where friends and family “surprise” the person with a makeover since they have let themselves go! I do not want to be that married woman people think has let herself go…I want to be badass. I want to feel better than ever! Hitting the gym will help with this but, it is more than just being in shape. At my brother’s party the other night, I wore a bit of makeup and actually thought that I need to do so more often as everyone seemed astonished. So, this is the anti-frump combat plan: take better care of myself by investing some more time in myself and and my exterior appearance, invest in some great classic clothing pieces, put on the makeup once in a while, buy at least one date-night/little black dress sort of outfit including the high heel shoes! (I currently own zero pairs of high heeled shoes although I did go through a period in my twenties when that was all I was interested in!). Last, since my hair is falling out rapidly due to my iron issue, I need to do as I mentioned above with the iron pills etc but also look into some other support as hair is very important thing (something I learned back in 2010 and how losing it can crush one’s confidence!).
  6. Hablo español. This is a goal I have been neglecting. Other than English, I speak 2 other (not so useful or prominent) languages with some fluency. However, I want to become fluent in Spanish. Being able to roll it out as needed would definitely be badass. Learning languages is something I am pretty good at, I have realized. Time to take this goal seriously. I will do so by starting to actively study it again. Maybe a trip to Mexico needs to be planned for when our debt is gone in order to drum up some inspiration (but that will all depend on our debt situation and if we go back to my husband’s country of origin for his 30th birthday as mentioned in a previous post).

I am going to leave my badass plans at that for now as it is already quite a bit to focus on-and is the foundation upon which I will base my stage two badassplans! Those include learning some new skills and check some things off my bucket list! Looking forward to working on this!


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