Planning for my husband’s milestone bday…


In early February my husband turns 30! Lucky young thing! I am 5 years older than him and can sure feel it at times! Anyway, back to him. Although February is still far away, I want to start thinking about what wonderful gift I can provide for him. I did quite a bit of thinking and am having trouble coming up with something material but I did realize that a trip home for him to visit with his family may be just the thing he needs. He has not been back home since he first immigrated to this country 4 years ago. The reasons were financial, political (his country was allegedly detaining people in order to discourage migration out of country), and pragmatic (he had to have boots on the ground for a certain amount of time before he could be eligible to apply for citizenship).

I have already contacted the embassy and government in his country to confirm detainment will not be an issue and I could arrange with his boss to have the time off from work, I could make all the travel arrangements, and then surprise him! I shared the idea with my sister but she thought it was awful. She thought it strange I would want to send him away but I reminded her that he has not seen his family since he first came to this country 4 years ago and if it was me, I would love some time alone with my family. A foreign friend at work said she would love such thoughtfulness from her partner (understanding one may want some alone time with their family).  Of course, I could join him a week or two later.

Anyway, I thought it may be a wonderful gift but probably a not the best as a surprise as he would want to prepare for it. So, I shared the possibility of it with him to see if I was even on the right track and he was very excited and very moved. By February our debt will be gone and this would be a great reward (but also a great expense so we would have to come back and work off any debt incurred right away!). I cannot think of any better gift. If February turns out not to be an ideal time, I can always buy the ticket in February for later in the year. I just want this milestone of a birthday to be connected to a grand gesture or experience. I will have to rack my brain for other ideas but I think this one may be the winner!


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  1. How thoughtful! I think it’s a wonderful idea. I tried to hint at what I wanted for my birthday (a concert) and my husband was like do you want to buy the tickets and look for babysitting? No, I wanted him to do that. Lol

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