My summer tv show obsession…

Some of the cast

Some of the cast

Since we are on a budget as we try to bring down our debt, we have had to find some inexpensive entertainment to keep us busy this summer. For me, that has meant watching a new tv series. Some days this season have been scorching hot and I have had no desire to step outdoors…this is when this tv series came in handy! Also, I would catch up on an episode or two in the evenings or as I folded laundry or did other tasks.

The tv series I have been watching all this summer has been Mr. Selfridge. It is a British series (only 4 seasons with 10 episodes per season) and is about the Selfridge family that opened up the famous department store in London in the early 1900s and the lives of the employees that worked there. It has been very entertaining! There is a lot of attention to detail, gorgeous costumes, various plot lines, and the story does sweep you away to a different time and place which is the true sign of a well done show. I only have a few episodes left and do not want to see it come to an end but have to admit it is nice to watch a whole series one season after the next without having to wait a year in between! Makes you appreciate the characters much more.

The real Mr. Selfridge (an American) ended up penniless. Am sure the show is going to end like that as well in order to stay true but it is very sad. The original store still exists in London and has been bought by a Canadian. I never would have thought of it but this show has definitely made me want to go and visit the next time I am in London! Anyway, if you are looking for a good show, this one is recommended!


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