Need to get back on track update!


RC_BackOnTrackLast Monday I wrote about getting back on track. Well, I did-for the most part. Here is the result:

  • Blood test done-result is that my iron level is still very low but all else improving more or less. I bought some more juice to increase the absorption of the iron in case that is the issue. Will have to go to the doctor to see if perhaps I have some other issue related to this.
  • Kinesiologist-I booked my appointments and had one visit which went well. The last two are booked and that will wrap up my formal treatment and I can join the gym after that.
  • Work-Have been catching up and checking things off my list which has been a relief. I thought I would never get there.
  • Finances-I did not mention this in my last post but just wanted to update that we have hit the milestone of being in debt less than $20,000 on our credit card! We, as of today, have more available credit on our card than the balance for the first time in a long time! See my financial update posts to learn more about our debt reduction journey.

Since I seemed to get things done after writing on this blog, I may as well make a list of other things I need to take care of soon:

  • Book appointment with doctor.
  • Book husband’s massage.
  • Choose a gym and sign up.
  • Buy new package of iron pills.
  • Weed the garden/cut the lawn.
  • Do the 14 day step challenge.
  • Get all work priorities over with before Labour Day weekend.

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