Need to get back on track…


It is 9:00 am on Monday and this week I plan to get back on track with my life! My sister and her family visited us all of July and have gone. The house is a lot emptier with no kids in it but there is also a lot of peacefulness now (at last!). I spent the weekend getting things in order, cleaning up, and washing the floors etc and am feeling much better. Generally I enjoy the visits as I like the kids but I just do not like the way in which my sister is constantly stirring things up with the other siblings, myself, and anyone else possible! It is hard to focus on your own life with her circus going on all around you! Now that she is gone, it is time to get back on track.

I did so this past weekend when I cleaned up my garden and got everything there in order-including building a new raised bed with the help of my husband! Now, my garden stretches along the sunniest fence in the back yard. It is lovely to see and I look forward to using it all more efficiently next year. Another wall has 4 fruit trees lined up along it. The back yard is much improved from the past but there is still a lot of potential which is exciting!

This week I also need to get a blood test to see how my iron levels are doing. I had a miscarriage back in March/April and the blood loss led to a major depletion of iron. I have taken supplements now for about 3 months and hope it is creeping back up or I will have to work with the doctor on a solution. I also need to complete my last two sessions with a kinesiologist to get my back (injured in a car accident last year) back on track. After these, I will join a gym and begin strength building which is something I am looking forward to. Am hoping all the pain and issues will be gone after that.

Today, I will also go back to work after being off for what feels like forever. I am hoping to catch up on everything this week as much as possible and also book off more vacation time to enjoy this last summer month. Also, I know work will be busy in September and October so I would like to enjoy some time now while I can.

If I can do these few things this week, I will more or less be back on track with the areas of my life that I have neglected in the last while. After catching up, I can then plan for the next steps.


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