Driving away from it all…

Just look at the colour of that lake!

Just look at the colour of that lake!

As you may know from previous posts such as Husband is Looking for a Career Change, My Husband has Started His New Career, and Road Trip Re-Cap my husband recently became a truck driver. At first he did long haul and I joined him on the road last December but as of this February he took a job which ensures he is home most nights unless there are delays in business hours. Once in a while, however, he has to take a longer trip-at most overnight. Well, this past week, he had to drive about a thousand kilometers to drop off a special order. It involved a scenic drive through national parks so I decided to ditch work and join him on the road. I just needed to get away from it all for a bit as work has been stressful and home has not been so peaceful due to my sister creating problems. This was a perfect way to do so and spend some quality time with him. It also helped that this would be a free trip since we are trying to pay off our big debt so do not want to spend extra money!

Before we went I stopped off at the grocery store and picked up some bagels and cream cheese, potato chips, bottled water and Coke Zero, Kit Kats, fresh bread, and cooked food from home so we would not be tempted to buy and eat junk food on the road. He has a fridge and a portable stove that allows one to heat food up. We then set off. We chatted along the way but I spent a lot of time enjoying looking out the window at all that was passing. We went through forests, mountains, and flat lands. I saw large cities, towns, and small villages. I especially loved seeing beautiful lakes and green rivers. The world is a very beautiful place.

It was a nice little escape from reality, the internet, the phone etc!




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