July so far…


There has been a lot going on! Work has been mayhem. I have been flooded with HR issues and have had to fire one person which is always unpleasant. Then I had to support a colleague with extensive issues within her team. She and I have also been struggling with a colleague that works on some of the same projects as us and cannot seem to do anything right! All that took lots of time and made me fall very behind with some of the work that I needed to complete. So, I may have to work from home this weekend. In addition, I covered someone’s vacation at the flower shop so did a handful of shifts there one week which meant leaving early from my real job. It was fun, though! I am hoping next week I can finally catch up with everything.

At home, my sister and her family arrived for a visit. We had a lot of unpleasantness last year (summer and December) which was making me dread her arrival. After a few weeks we managed to sit down and hash a few things out-prior to that I did my best to avoid her. The plan from now on is that we will slowly rebuild trust and see where things lead us. I was glad to have the opportunity to get through to her how much she had hurt me. Around the same time that we hashed things out, an enormous family scandal unfolded related to my brother and his girlfriend and their relationship. My sister seems to be at the centre of it as well to some extent so it has been very stressful as all are being sucked in-including me! I have had nasty messages from my brother and expect a full blown argument the next time I see him. Not looking forward to it but I know he is upset for me (wrongfully upset but upset never the less). Other than that, it has been nice to spend time with my sister’s kids. My niece just thinks I am the greatest which is very flattering!

My husband and I are working away on our debt reduction plan. I will share the details in another post but it has been a bit easy since we have both been too busy to spend much money! We did cash out our coin jar and apply those funds to debt repayment. It felt very good to see how much I had managed to raise in that jar these last few months with minimal effort-over $400!

I have been dutifully going to my rehab sessions which were necessary after my car accident. They are more or less wrapped up and now it is time to continue my learning at a gym. I will be shopping around for the right one soon. I think it is really important for my husband and I to take better care of ourselves. I took him to his first chiropractor and he loved it! A few more and I hope he will be much better.

The garden has been a bit slower this year as it has been cooler than last year but it has made watering very easy. I have been eating lots of zucchini! We have also had carrots, onions, and peas. My niece is loving to learn all about gardening and has begged her mom to put in a garden at their new house (they are moving soon). She loves to help me cut the lawn and monitor the progress of things. Super cute.

Anyway, that has been July so far. Am sure the remaining 9 days will be busy!



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