List of 34…


34I have published my list of 34. Each year at the end of June (or early July if I am late) I draft up this list of things to do or focus on for the birthday year. They may be small or they may be big but they usually get taken care of. When I started this blog there were 30 things, at 31 there were 31 things, and now that I am 34 there are 34 things. This year I had a bit of difficulty coming up with the 34 things I wanted to do but I can always make some edits as I go along. For now, the list is posted in the list section of my site and I will do my best to get working on it. As the year passes, I make direct notes on the list about my progress and, if necessary, more details within blog posts. Although this is an outline, you never know what else this year may bring!


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