Lazy long weekends…

Blacksmith station.

Blacksmith station.

Last weekend I had a good 4 days off. I used the time to get the backyard in order and then relax in it all weekend. My husband and I had a bbq one afternoon (just the two of us) and then we pulled out a picnic blanket and lazed around all afternoon on our freshly cut grass with a few bottles of wine in our ice bucket. After talking about silly things and picking out shapes in the clouds, I read my novel and he watched internet videos. It was such a nice way to spend a drunken afternoon.

Keeping warm in the 1890s.

Keeping warm in the 1890s.

Evening entertainment.

My brother also hosted a get together one night in which we all ate and drank and then watched movies in his theatre room late into the night. He has a fancy new house and a fancy new billiards table my husband likes to practice on as well. I spent some of the time catching up with my brother’s girlfriend as she is having some family issues.

Walkway and lookout at the fort.

Walkway and lookout at the fort.

Our other day off, which was a gorgeous sunny day, we spent visiting a historical local attraction. It is an old fort, now maintained by the parks department of the government, that reflects life during the 1890s in this Pacific area. It was neat to show it to my husband. It included an old blacksmith station, gold mining demonstrations, and lookout towers. He said he actually learned a lot about history which I thought was great. We topped off the day with strawberry cheesecake gelato in the park. Soooo good!

Now, it is Friday and I have another 4 day weekend which is always a great thing in July. Unfortunately, it is also supposed to rain until Sunday! My niece and nephew arrived into town yesterday so I am sure I will be spending some time with them. Whatever I am up to, I have to enjoy these few days as much as possible as next week I will be working part time at the flower shop almost every day and part time at my usual job as well so it will be very busy. But, for now, I will just focus on enjoying the time I have off! Happy July to everyone-hope everyone enjoys these special summer days.

Journal entries from 1890

Journal entries from 1890


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