July 2016: Things to look forward to…


julypicHalf of 2016 is already over. It is scary how time is flying. But, July is usually a wonderful month when things tend to slow down. Here is what I have to look forward to:

  • The first thing to look forward to is an immediate long weekend to celebrate the birth of the nation! This also means a day off with pay, of course, which is always nice. I took an extra day off on top of the regular bank holiday so will actually have a 4 day weekend! Great way to start the month and, finally, summer!
  • July is the month when I always publish my list of things to do or try for the next year. I am hoping to push myself a bit more this year.
  • Five year wedding anniversary. Wow! The five years have flown by at an alarming rate. Not sure how we will mark our special milestone but we will find a way.
  • In June I started seeing some of the fruits of my labour in my garden (strawberries, peas, herbs etc). I look forward to more of this in July!
  • Coin jar cash out! I have been saving for a while now and this month the time has come to cash out the jar and pay down some debt! I will then reset the jar for opening in the future.
  • Flower shop shifts-I will be getting more hours at the flower shop this month due to others taking time off for vacations. This means some extra money coming in but also really getting to experience what it is like to regularly work at the shop (which will help me decide if I want to buy my own franchise one day).
  • Visit by niece and nephew-I am looking forward to seeing these kids sometime in July and getting my niece more involved with the garden.
  • Time off work-Work has been crazy for a long time. I look forward to pulling back from it just a little bit by having 5 full days off during the month and only doing half days at times.

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