I am 34 now…


My birthday has come and gone. I am now 34. It was one of the only birthdays in which I had no expectations or plans and thus, a really great one in which I enjoyed whatever came my way. The day before it, my husband and I went out to dinner one to one at our favourite Italian restaurant. The food was extra delicious as it was a slow night there.

On the actual day, my husband and I spent it together doing silly things. For example, we went to Denny’s in the morning for my free birthday breakfast. He also bought me a special bouquet of pink roses and several chocolate bars first thing in the morning! Later, we went and had massages (which felt amazing!). In the afternoon, I took my mom with me to the local pool for a swim. She needs to exercise more but feels a lot of pain so water exercise is great for her. I really enjoyed gliding about and seeing how far I could swim without touching the bottom of the pool. I do not really know how to swim but self taught myself a bit and am not too bad. Very relaxing. In the evening, we ate leftovers from the night before and watched movies and had cheesecake with my sister.

The next day I met my brother’s girlfriend for coffee in the morning. She was going through a hard time and wanted to chat. It was pouring rain all day and I came home and watched movies (some of which are listed in the previous post). In the evening we went for dinner at a local (but delicious) bar and grill with my sister and her boyfriend. We were on the covered patio while it poured buckets of rain. All around were tall trees and it felt very beautiful and romantic. I loaded up on martinis and a very delicious veggie burger and then we were off to disco bowling. There, it turns out, I was the best bowler in the group-by far! The others were quite bad, though, so it was nothing too special. 🙂 After a few games we called it a night. Even though it took three days, that was the sum of my b-day celebration! Welcome, year 34!


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