Foreign film overload…


blackgoldFor some reason over the last while all I have wanted to watch is foreign films! Most I find randomly on Netflix and others I sought out. I love how so many of them are different than the nonsense we get in most mainstreams theaters or offer a new perspective. Here is what I have watched in the last while (some good and some okay but all entertaining):

From Korea: Venus Talk which is about a few female friends going through various issues in their lives from younger boyfriends, to grown up daughters not wanting to move out, to cheating spouses begging for a second chance.

La-source-des-femmes-posterFrom France:

  • A Promise-This one is about a married German woman who falls in love with her husband’s employee. War then separates then for several years.
  • Black Gold/Day of the Falcon-This movie is wonderful visually and has a few famous actors (that are not Middle Eastern but play Middle Eastern characters!). It involves the clash of various tribes/people in the Middle East during the oil boom.
  • A Grand Affair-This movie is about a emotional affair between a married Swiss woman and a Jewish government official before the start of WW2.
  • The Source-This movie is about women in a north African village who conduct a “love strike” in order to get their way. Funny at times but touching on various issues.

huagnshiFrom the Czech Republic-Želary– This film takes place during the Nazi occupation of the country in World War 2 and is about a female resistance worker/nurse who must flee the city when she is discovered. She moves to a village and has to marry a man to whom she had donated blood earlier. She hates the village life…at first.

From China- The Children of Huang Shi-This movie is a moving one based on the true story of a British journalist and Australian nurse who saved orphans during the Japanese invasion of China. Loved it.

palmtressinthesnowFrom Canada-Sabah-Not totally a foreign film but we can say non-mainstream. This movie is about a Syrian immigrant woman living in Canada who falls in love with a Canadian man. They begin a secret affair and then her family finds out… 🙂

UK-The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel-Again not really a foreign film but I loved the first one and even wrote about it in this post! The second one had less substance and was okay. I mention it only because the first one was such a delight.

From Spain-Palm Tress in the Snow-Takes place mostly in Guinea on a cacao plantation while still under Spanish control. It involves two interconnected families and I totally enjoyed this film.


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