Catching a breath!


My work has taken over my life. The last few weeks have been a mad rush at work and I have had no time for much else-including this blog. Today, I booked a vacation day so I can slow down and catch a breath. I have a massage appointment booked for noon and am going for exercise at the swimming pool at 2 pm. All of this is in the interest of work life balance and stress management. I almost cancelled this day off as there is so much going on but decided the world will not end (at work) if I step away for a day. Since it is Friday, I will also have the rest of the weekend to refresh.

Despite all the madness, things have been quite exciting at work. I have summer interns on board which is nice as I can have them work on projects that my regular staff are too busy to do or are not part of their role. I also always try to make the experience a positive one with lots of fun involved. For example, I am having them coordinate a children’s summer art course which they will plan (with a professional artist), market, and support. They will also be responsible to create and contribute to a blog in which they share their experiences at our organization. It will be used to build the profile of our organization and to show my superiors at work that being innovative and modern is not a bad thing! They will also help with some of our annual summer events, create a database of profile building opportunities, organize one fundraiser, organize a community booth at a local mall, research volunteer management policies and procedures, lead a committee of volunteers to support their work, and match  donations with clients. Should be an interesting summer!

Other than that, I have been transitioning into my new role at work which was given to me in April (which I barely had time to start in on due to last year’s responsibilities needing to be dealt with). The new role has been quite exciting as it involves looking into starting a social enterprise (something I always wanted to do). This knowledge should help me out in any future position or business endeavor. In addition to that, I have several other programs or projects in my portfolio that have need looking after so it has been pretty busy.

At home, I have not heard back from my two international job applications. I am guessing they were able to fill the one I had a great chance at internally through one of their 8,000 employees! Very disappointing but not a surprise. The other job was a bit of a shot in the dark but I had to at least try. So, now I can refocus on my work and life locally.

I had two shifts at the flower shop so far this month (and one more for the end of the month) which were a lot of fun. I am now trained and trusted to do all the tasks on my own and have been asked to cover some days in July while the others are on vacation. I also collected my paycheques for the first time which felt like getting a bonus. I am seriously considering buying a franchise of this business at some point in the future.

The last few weeks I also forced myself to go shopping and was able to buy a few cute new shirts that I can wear to work. My wardrobe is just awful. I am constantly trying to improve it but hate shopping so it is a bit difficult. Other than that, in the last while my husband and I went to the movies, spent a day at the lake, went out for dinner last night, and both have been going to bed early each night. He joked we truly are getting older! Despite all the work craziness, I can say that I have been enjoying life lately. What more can you ask for?


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