June 2016: Things to look forward to…


June-coloring-page-w-frog-filled-in-e1337966724457It is 7:45 am on the first of June. After a few sunny days, it will be raining today. I do not mind as my garden will get a nice watering which is always welcome. Also, it will be nice and sunny again by the weekend. June is always a busy month in my household so there is a lot to look forward to. Here is just a sample:

  • A few posts ago I mentioned I applied for 2 international jobs. Well, they have closed and this month I will find out if I have a shot at them. If so, many changes. If not, I will at least know and can plan for and pursue another path. Being in limbo is the worst and I look forward to knowing what is next. All routes are exciting.
  • Great weather and garden progress! I have not written about it much this year but have a lot going on in my garden which I need to provide an update on at some point. This month, I look forward to seeing things grow!
  • Sibling birthdays. Two of my siblings have their birthday in June. Lots of cake in the future!
  • Father’s Day. My father is a difficult person. However, I hope this occasion will allow us to enjoy some time together.
  • My 34th birthday! The year really did fly by and another birthday has come. I already have booked a day off work and will be sure to plan something nice for myself.
  • Coin jar. I used my last coin jar funds to pay down debt and it felt great. Since then it has been slowly filling up again and I plan to spend the month adding to it and continuing to save.
  • Debt reduction. We have paid off my husband’s credit card, as I mentioned in the past. Starting this month, we will work on mine which will be a relief.
  • Flower shop! I have two shifts this month at the flower shop. Am looking forward to them and the extra cash.

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