Possible major forks in the road…


Last weekend I came across two amazing job postings. These types of jobs are my dream jobs. They are international NGO postings which I have always perused and dreamed of but was never quite qualified for some reason or another (lack of relevant language, lack of a relevant Masters degree, lack of related experience, lack of experience living in a developing country etc). At this time in my life, however, many of those obstacles have been overcome and there is one that I am truly qualified for and the second, unfortunately, less so, but I have a good shot at due to the unique location (where I have already lived) and some relevant experience in the subject matter and a whole lot of experience that is transferable. The salaries are actually quite decent as well.

Forks-in-roadI was excited and called my husband to get his thoughts. He made it clear he does not want me to take on such jobs and cannot come with me as he has to be in country for his citizenship and that he thinks it would be tough on our marriage to be apart. He is right that it would be tough but I do not think it would be impossible. He also said that he could not stop me from chasing my dreams and I should at least apply and see if it went anywhere. I know I would regret it if I did not at least try to obtain these positions so have forwarded my resume on just this week.

Now, both positions are advertised globally and both give preference to internal candidates (they have thousands of employees!) so the chances of me getting an interview are slim. But, you never know! I would have to give up my secure job with nice benefits and a pension in this wonderful country in order to go. For me, no problem! Everything is always temporary and I am confident I will come back and my career would be at the next level immediately. The only hiccup, besides the husband issue, is that our family planning would have to be delayed. Again, I think I am okay with this.

However, on Sunday night my husband and I decided to watch a movie. On Netflix he chose an Owen Wilson film as he likes this actor. Well, it turned out to be the move No Escape about an expat family caught up in the politics and riots in an unnamed Asian country. It was a suspense filled movie with the family running for their lives. My husband told me he no longer wanted me to move anywhere abroad and if I did, our marriage was done! The movie had gotten to him-especially an almost rape scene. Now, is is Friday and he has calmed down but he is still very opposed. I told him we will not discuss it further and create conflict as so far it is just an application. Next week the two positions close and we will see what happens.

One path would take me abroad and into a different lifestyle. The other would see me stay here and focus on building a family. No matter what happens, I can only foresee interesting journeys ahead.


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