7:30 am on Monday, May 16th…


It is Monday morning. I have no idea what I am up to today as I left my agenda at work last Thursday. A lot has been going on lately so I thought I would use this post to catch up on where my life is at. I will start with some recent good news:

  • My husband had a ticket for $400 US. Last Friday I had to miss work to help him at court (a first for both of us!). We went into the court room early and were seen much earlier than our appointment time due to no shows and quick judgments. The judge immediately told us how much she could lower the ticket by law and did so. No questions asked. So, we only had to pay $269. Not bad! No need for me to have missed work but it was a gorgeous sunny day so it was okay with me.
  • My husband also found a local parking spot for his work vehicle. This means he will park his own vehicle in the garage and save$400 on gas per month and $180 on insurance each month. He usually works 10 hours per day or is gone on overnight trips for work so does not really need his car much. At weekends we can share my vehicle or he can use one of the many vehicles that are available through family members.
  • In April I mentioned we decided to use the snowball method to pay down debt and started with my husband’s credit card which was about $6,000. On Saturday we both made a payment and the debt is now eliminated! It feels great. We are going to work on my credit card.
  • My garden seems to be doing well but will save this for a whole other post.
  • I have lost a total of 4.4 lbs since I started my LOSE IT app. 2 lbs since I last posted about this. This is great as I want to improve myself and excess weight is always a bad thing for one’s general health. In other health news, I have been taking my iron pills and vitamins quite regularly, I started up with massage again, and had one rehab session with a trainer. She really pushed me and it was great as it is basically like a free personal trainer which is very valuable.
  • On Saturday my husband had to do a test for his citizenship application. We are now waiting for the result and if he passed, we will be able to submit the forms this month. If not, then we may be delayed until he wants to do the test again-which may not be for a while. Fingers are crossed he passed so we can move things along.

That is all the bits and bobs of good news this past while! Today my husband will be driving out of town and will not be back until late tomorrow. I am going to use today and tomorrow to work hard and get as much done as I can at work. I had originally scheduled a vacation day for this Friday but may not take it and save it for a time when the husband is home.


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