Flower shop girl…

My new job! Too cute.

My new job!

I am officially a flower shop girl. Back in March I responded to a Craigslist ad looking for very part time support at a flower kiosk. I had replied saying that, although I had a job that I was not willing to leave (I did not mention it was a management position!), I could probably help out here and there-especially if I knew of dates and times in advance. I was called to a meeting with the owner-a British woman-and was told I would not need to submit references as she thought I was lovely and she would be in touch sometime in the next month. Sure enough, in April, she was in touch and I had a 4 hour training shift with the shop manager.

Now, this past weekend, I worked with all the other staff members during the second busiest time of year… Mother’s Day weekend! It was actually very busy but also a lot of fun. I really enjoyed helping the customers choose flowers, wrapping them, conducting the transactions, but also keeping on top of the inventory and keeping the displays nice. I liked how fast paced it was. I even made tips! It is interesting to learn about the business model as well-especially since they are looking for people to take on locations as their own business. Down the road, if my observations show this is a successful and growing business, I will consider it.

The work is definitely not difficult but the manager seemed impressed with me picking things up, remembering them, staying on top of inventory and clean up, and taking initiative so has offered me a semi-regular shift for May and June (once every other week for 4.5 hours in the evening). I definitely do not mind as long as the shifts are short (max 5 hours) and not too often. I did not book into July yet as the manager expects summer holidays to take place then and would like coverage for those days. It was busy this past weekend but am sure it usually is not and I do not want to be bored. I have had shop jobs in the past and the worst part is when there is nothing at all to do.

My favourite flowers at the shop so far...

My favourite flowers at the shop so far…peonies

Mostly (so far anyway) the shop sells hyacinths, gerbera daisies, roses, orchids, tulips, a few potted plants, and mixed bouquets. Once there were also peonies which I thought were really nice…they looked very romantic. I think I may see if I can add them to my own garden this year or next. Anyway, it is a definite change from my work (so much easier!) but also very pleasant (I am surrounded by beautiful flowers, after all!). Truly a fun job rather than a serious job (probably also because so far I have not had to do any of the real work like inventory and cash counting etc). A customer even commented that it was a happy job, people walk by and smile, customers smile, and usually they give the flowers to someone to make them smile! Smiles and beauty all around. Ha ha ha. What more can you ask for?

On another note, yesterday was Mother’s Day. My husband and I gave my mom a cash gift, some flowers, and some special bath salts as she has some aches and pains and were going to take her out for dinner. However, she was invited to a special Mother’s Day evening event so cancelled on us (thanks, Mom!), so we went out the two of us for pasta at one of our favourite restaurants. I also drank two glasses of delicious organic local wine at home which made the food even yummier. All in all, a great weekend (and I made some cash!).


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