Cinco de Mayo 2016…


I woke up yesterday and it was already Cinco de Mayo. Time has been going very fast this year! I did have a very easy week, however.

feliz-cinco-de-mayo-red-chilli-graphicOn Monday I left work early to enjoy the good weather and relax. It was nice. Tuesday I worked from home so I could attend a physio appointment (am finally back on track with that!). Wednesday I had a full day at work but left on time as I had to go to an update appointment with my back doctor (regarding my car accident and I have been given approval for more massages!). Thursday morning I had to see my regular doctor to get the results of my blood test (still have low hemoglobin due to the blood loss last month so have to take iron pills to get back on track) and then I went to work. Work was very productive overall this week (almost through with last year’s stuff and soon to move forward to new projects) and then I came home to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by enjoying a burrito and margarita dinner with the spouse! It was nice just to do something for the occasion as all day I was looking forward to the dinner! Having small things to look forward to really does make you happy!

Today, Friday, I have a day off from work so plan to do some work in the garden this morning and then this afternoon I am helping out for 4 hours at the flower shop. It is Mother’s Day weekend and one of the busiest flower weekends of the year! It is also a great little way for me to make extra cash, learn some new skills, learn about a small business, and have some fun. I will be helping out Saturday and Sunday as well for 4-5 hours per day and then probably not for a few months.

The siblings and I still have to come up with a plan for Mother’s Day this weekend. Our mom is not the easiest to take out to lunch as she prefers eating only at home but I am sure we can come up with something special. Other than that, although sadness still remains at times, our family is slowly moving forward from our dog’s death. We now have her ashes and are just holding on to them for now. I am remembering the good times and watching videos of her and realizing how truly different she was for the last month compared to the previous year. She really was in pain and the medication was helping but she was not true self. I still miss her and wish she was here but I know it was the right time. It still genuinely sucks, however. I do not think I need to say more as anyone who has been through this can understand.

Anyway, it is supposed to be a beautiful weekend and I ought to go and enjoy the sunshine before I head off to the flower shop! Gotta take advantage of any good weather as it can rain anytime of year in this area of the world


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