May 2016: Things to look forward to…


May-4-blogMay came so fast this year but never has it been more welcome! I am ready to put dark times behind me (symbolically and otherwise!). Here are the things I will have to look forward to this month:

  • Good weather, of course!- This means my mood will be generally improved and I will not have to worry about garden plants dying or not thriving, and life just seems better all around.
  • Garden-I look forward to seeing progress in my garden, planting new things, keeping our yard looking good, and visiting the local nursery to see what is new this year and making additions as needed to my ever evolving garden.
  • Cinco de Mayo-I foresee margaritas and burritos (which are on sale for $5 at at our favourite local burrito place!). For my husband and I, it is definitely something to look forward to!
  • Mother’s Day-a great excuse to do something special with mom.
  • Long weekend-there is one long weekend in May which means a day off with pay but also a chance to relax and do whatever I feel like!
  • New job-I picked up an occasional side job at a flower shop and Mother’s Day weekend is one of the busiest flower days that takes place each year. I will be working this day and look forward to learning a lot more about the business.
  • LOSE IT-I started using this app April 11th and hope I can reach my goal sometime in May (better not drink too many margaritas and eat too many burritos on Cinco de Mayo!).
  • Husband’s debt-We are using the snowball method to eliminate debt and this month the goal is to wipe out the balance on my husband’s credit card.
  • Work-all past projects will be wrapped up and ahead will only be fresh new projects which I plan to knock out of the park.
  • A return to normal health-I am hoping this month all is 100% back in order and I can carry on with my car accident recovery plan and get in better health as we may get back to our non-planning family planning towards the end of the month or so.
  • Citizenship application-So, this is the month that the citizenship paperwork will be complete and go in for my husband. Then, all we have to do is wait for approval (in a year or so!).

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