Progress on all fronts…


productivityThis last while I have been feeling pretty good because I have been pretty productive! Nothing like getting things done and seeing progress to keep you inspired-especially non-work progress. Here is what has been going on:

  • Work-Been cleaning up my old projects and passing them on or closing them down so I can get fully focused on my new portfolio which my boss finally reviewed with me in detail earlier this week. By next week I should be ready to work only on those priorities and be able to do amazing things soon! I have worked in partnership with a few people the last while and this year will be able to work alone which means no one will be slowing me down, not doing their share of work, or doing work poorly…but also I will have to be 100% accountable for my projects now (not that I usually go around blaming others or making excuses!)
  • Health-Had a doctor check up yesterday and seems all is getting back to normal after my miscarriage a few weeks ago. Just waiting on a hemoglobin level test which should be next week. I have a feeling it will be okay. When the husband and I decided we were okay with starting a family, we ceased contraception and decided to “let nature and fate take over” but before we jump into this again the doctor recommended waiting a cycle or two. Since we are in no rush, we are okay with that. In the meantime, for general optimal health, I have started taking pre-natal vitamins. They are HUGE which is kind of a pain as I have trouble swallowing pills but, I am glad I am taking them as I am sure my diet is missing all sorts of things. Will also be seeing my other doctor next week as I still have back and neck pain that was caused by my car accident. I am hoping he will give me the go ahead to carry on with massages and active rehab.
  • LOSE IT-since I know we will not be “letting nature and fate take over” for a month or two, I decided to use my calorie tracker app to lose a few pounds and get in better shape. It is also a great way to track the quality of what you eat. For me, portion control is much easier as this app makes you slow down and think about how much you are eating. Since I started I have been losing about 0.2 lbs per day which is about 1.5 lbs per week. I hope I can keep up this level of weight loss and reach my goal in May.


  • Debt-My husband had a $6,000 balance on his credit card this month which he felt he could never pay off. We have other debts but decided to use the snowball method to work together to eliminate our debt faster. The snowball method means that one pays the minimum on all existing debts and picks one (usually the smallest debt first) and uses all the rest of their funds which are meant to pay off debt (or other extra funds) towards one debt until it is gone. Once it is eliminated, one would focus on the next one. Finishing off one gives one motivation to pay off the others and keeps one engaged and excited. From personal experience, I can say that it works. We started this around April 7th (when I wrote in that post that I used my coin jar money for my husband’s credit card instead of something fun) and as of today we are down to $2,400. I expect that this debt will disappear sometime in May! How great is that? After that, we will work on one of my debts!

Am feeling good about seeing all the different types of progress above! Makes me feel great and like there is so much to look forward to in the future while also enjoying the present. However, tonight is Friday night and the only accomplishment I have in mind tonight is binge-watching interesting documentaries on Netflix!


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