sunshineThis week has been unseasonably warm. In fact, it has felt like summer at times with temperatures to match…and I have been loving it. Each day this week I woke up to full sunshine.

My mood has been joyous and even the onion sets I planted in my garden have been growing rapidly. My dog is happier (although due to the sudden onset of the warm weather she did not have time to shed properly so is a bit hot) and everyone seems optimistic. I love it.

It is amazing how much weather can affect one’s mood. Sadly, the warm weather and sunshine is supposed to come to an end tomorrow 😦 But, it is definitely good to know that this great weather will be here on a regular basis very soon. The fair weather has led to our team lunch taking place on the patio, to spending more time with my doggy who doesn’t like coming indoors any more, to gardening after work…so I just wanted to dedicate this whole post to sunshine! I am very grateful and appreciative.



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