Getting the mojo back….


got_mojoThe last few weeks, as I mentioned in a few previous posts, have been tough. This past week, I felt that I finally started getting my mojo back! My body is on the mend (slowly) and I am starting to feel like myself again after all my ordeals. I started eating healthier, using my LOSE IT app-which I mostly abandoned-to track my nutrient and caloric intake, and started taking vitamins. I made appointments for the next few weeks with all the doctors I am supposed to follow up with and look forward to improving myself. I definitely appreciate health and wellness much more.

At work, after missing several days each week for the last few weeks and falling behind, I was able to finally put in a nice long week and catch up. It felt great to get back in control instead of leaving things hanging and only responding to urgent issues. I met with my boss and we discussed my future at the agency and agreed it was time for change and challenge since I am the most change loving manager there. So, I will have a new portfolio this year which I will be mapping out this month. I also got a very welcome small raise (which was more or less expected but still nice).

My mom had surgery early this week. We had hospital visits with her in the evenings and I have been her main caregiver since she was released on Thursday (with lots of help from my wonderful aunts who I appreciate so very much). I have been maintaining the house but also fetching water, medicine, chauffeuring, and helping her to the bathroom and shower. Am very glad I can be there for her and she will be much better soon. My other siblings have not been so great with helping out but I have to say I am proud of myself and my sweet husband who always amazes me with his kindness.

At home, I have also been hanging out with my husband who I have really been appreciating lately (did you know today is husband appreciation day?). He is just so cute, sweet, funny, and lovely sometimes. I do not think there is a better partner in the world for me. While I was sick I was miserable but its great to have fun with him again.

All in all, I think I am getting my mojo back! Soon I need to map out my next steps. I always knew you have to go after what you want but this last while has all been coping with whatever life threw my way. I have survived and am now feeling a renewed passion and zest for life. Watch out world! 🙂


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